Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

The Regiment

10x10" oil on board


This painting is the latest composition featuring brushes from a friend's legendary collection of vintage barbering tools.

​The full, fluffy brushes are the stars of this collection, in my humble estimation. And this group  just looked like they were standing at attention! So... The Regiment. Maybe I was influenced by listening to the excellent podcast "1865" about post Civil War politics. It just fit. 

​I had also recently seen an excellent re-imagining of the Les Miserable song "One Day More" by the Marsh family. It's memorable - with down-to-earth lyrics for this Covid19 era of home-schooling. 

Lots of my still life paintings are titled as though they are about people and relationships. 

I guess I just tend to think about human interactions and motivations, even when I'm looking at inanimate objects. Maybe it's just safer that way (hard to offend a shaving brush).

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