Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

Baby Red Onions 

10" x 20" oil on board


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For a short time, we lived on a farm in Pennsylvania. We rented an apartment in the farmhouse and the farmer had a huge kitchen garden right outside our window. He was quite generous with his "spring onions". They were basically what I would call scallions but he told me to boil them and slather with butter as a vegetable side dish. My experience with scallions was to mince them for a salad, so this was news to me! And it was delicious.

So when I saw these onions I figured they would be super sweet, being baby red onions. However, I never found out because, like all fresh still life subjects, they were pretty shriveled by the time I finished painting them.

What I did enjoy was rendering the varied textures - from the shiny white bulbs with rich red-purple striations to the lush, water-filled greens. Those greens are just squeaky in their plumpness!

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