Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

Pottery Barn... Yard

8" x 10" oil on panel


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I This little painting found a home so quick I almost hardly had time to miss it!

The palette is pretty monochromatic and that was the whole point because painting subjects with little in the way of color and value shifts means there are only tiny differences to work with in order to create form, pattern and shadow. It's all painfully subtle!

And this very subtle composition is part of my practice of working on white on white. It's all a challenge - trying to squeeze one more color shift or value change between two close colors or values. And it's all in preparation for doing a cast drawing which will be totally white on white!

And of course the title plays on the fact that, well there are pottery barn animals... and the "real" Pottery Barn is pretty darn neutral so the color scheme fits!

This painting was sold at the Muscoot Farm Manor House exhibit of works by students of Todd Casey. The show is called Gathered Realism because all the artists have studied classical realistic oil painting under Todd and then personalized it with their own poetic influence.

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