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I've been interested in the hatpin holder as a motif ever since I saw a painting by Ken Davies where a lovely vintage pincushion serves to direct the eye toward the center of his subject. In my painting, Gentleman Caller, it's less about direction and more about repeated shapes. Our eyes like repeated shapes and here the verticals work well to connect the elements. Both are stately in their erect presence but there is a bit of a party going on with the bejeweled hatpins and the gentleman's shaving brush is formal but fuzzy-friendly! Hence, Gentleman Caller.

And what did I learn in painting this little gem? First that the abrupt variations and swirling juxtaposition of color helps create a nice iridescent, pearlized effect in the glaze. And secondly: I LOVE painting brushes! This was a first for me and now I just want to add a brush to every painting I do!

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Gentleman Caller

6" x 8" oil on panel


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