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American Women Artists has partnered with renowned museums to bring work by female artists to 25 museums over the next 25 years. The Steamboat Art Museum is the latest (3rd) in this series of national exhibits and I am beyond thrilled that my painting Check Pleasewas accepted to this prestigious exhibit!

I'm looking forward to attending the seminars and ceremonies connected with the events celebrating women in the arts between May 24 and Sept. 2, 2019.!


Dutch Apple Still Life was awarded Best in Show at Newburyport this month. The juror commented, "With all the crispness and attention to detail one would expect from a Northern Renaissance master painting, Dutch Apple Still Life shines with a photographic realism... this painting is the very essence of what painting is meant to be: presenting the illusion of three-dimensional reality on a two dimensional surface." 

Honestly, I couldn't be more thrilled with his response to my painting!

Oil Painters of America

Eastern Regional Exhibit 2018

ALlied Artists of AMerica

Elected member

As a newly transplanted New Englander it feels, well, "noteworthy" that my painting Noteworthy was selected for the prestigious Guild of Boston Artists 2020 New England Regional Juried Exhibit. The show runs from August 29 to September 26. You can enjoy seeing the amazing company that my painting will be keeping, with appropriate social distancing. Call ahead for gallery hours.

Chick Please ©2018 Dorothy Lorenze

This cheeky painting called Chicks and Balances was submitted to the Allied Artists of America's Associate online exhibit. I was pleased to learn that it was an award winner which conferred Elected Artist status to Allied Artists of America. Quite an honor! My sincere thanks to AAA.

Southwest Art Magazine

Artist to Watch • October 2017

THe GUild of Boston Artists

New England regional Juried Exhibit

©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

typewriter, original painting, trompe l'oeil art

Tri-State Invitational Trompe L'oeil Exhibition

I'm honored that my paintings Noteworthy and Ticket to Ride were chosen for John Peto Museum's Tri-State Invitational Trompe L'oeil Exhibit. Quoting from the show's description,

"Common place objects are painted with meticulous precision to create this deceptive realism. ... Trompe l’ Oeil artists also make use of shadows to suggest depth as well as scale and size of objects.This exhibition includes noted Trompe l ’Oeil painters as well as young and upcoming artists; artists who challenge and inspire the viewer, artists who have a sense of humor, who use nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek references."

For more about Trompe L'oeil read my  blog post (and for 2x monthly art news you can sign up here)

American Women Artists

OUtstanding Still Life Award

Salmagundi CLub of New York

1ST VIce President's Award

Chicks and Balances ©2019 Dorothy Lorenze

This is Mechanical Staccato & Scotch, oil on linen, representational painting of an elegant vintage typewriter from the 1920s. The title is taken from a Hemingway poem wherein he extols his appreciation for the "mechanical staccato" of his beloved typewriter. I can imagine that when he is "in the zone" writing, it's comforting as well as empowering to hear that tap-clicking. Since Hemingway was in the air, a glass of scotch fit in perfectly! I was very happy that this painting was accepted to the AWA show... and thrilled to learn it received the Outstanding Still Life Award!

East Meets West received the second highest prize at New Member Show at the  prestigious Salmagundi Art Club of New York. What an honor!

You can read more about what is behind this painting here.

Dutch Apple Still Life ©2019 Dorothy Lorenze

Noteworthy ©2017 Dorothy Lorenze

In October I was honored to have my trompe l'oeil painting Noteworthy  selected for the Oil Painters of America's Eastern Regional Exhibition of realism in Annapolis, MD. This national organization's eastern regional exhibit was held at the McBride Gallery in Annapolis which curates exceptional exhibitions throughout the year. 

In The News

Noteworthy ©2017 Dorothy Lorenze

This Spring I was honored by American Women Artists in their online exhibit for still life. My painting was seen by Southwest Art Magazine and they decided to interview me for their October publication as an emerging Artist to Watch! I'm grateful to the editors at Southwest Art for choosing me as well as American Women Artists for the award and exposure. You can read the feature online here, but...please go buy a copy of October's Southwest Art!

©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

Ticket to Ride ©2017 Dorothy Lorenze

Steamboat Art Museum

American WOmen Artists exhibit

Newburyport art association

Best In Show