Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

The Book of Mango

8x10" oil on linen


Mangoes have such fascinating coloration, going from green to yellow to orange and even red. It's a challenge to create smooth transitions through all those color changes without ending up with mud! I've wanted to paint a mango ever since I saw Carlos Madrid's magnificent painting, Mangos on Linen.

Often my still life paintings are sort of "portraits" of an object. Someone once called my vegetable paintings "elegant produce in repose" which sounds great. In this case, though, I think the mango is sort of on stage. And since it usually feels right to create a bit of interaction between elements of a painting, I set this mango on a book as it's platform. And then it seemed more like a platform for preaching. Hence the title "The Book of ...Mango".

Think of it was preaching about quality snack food ;)

This painting happily SOLD at the Mark Twain Library Exhibit in Redding, CT.

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