Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

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So... what's the story about this painting and it's title, you ask?

Well I have something of a teapot collection/obsession that perhaps may be out of hand. As it grew I became enamored of ever-more-unusual vintage styles of teapots. This one happens to be German and I happen to have a German grandmother, but more importantly, it's from the 1930s or 1940s and the style of decoration reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen. So I bought it more for my teapot collection than my still life prop treasures.

I was looking for a pottery pig for another painting idea that was simmering. As I wander through antique shops, my eye settled on this pig planter. And I should also say that I'm a fan of this sort of critter pottery planter because it was often the thing that held a plant or flowers sent to the hospital when my mom had a baby. And she had seven!

When I tried to figure out how to pair the pig planter with other objects for a still life, this teapot kept catching my eye. My paintings tend to tell a bit of a story and it would make more sense for the pig planter to be paired with a similar piece of pottery in terms of usefulness (another planter) or genre (a critter?) but the decorative style of these pieces is what drew them together. Odd pairing, but it works. Some blind dates work out that way!

Blind Date

9x12" oil on board


©2018 Dorothy Lorenze