Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

I'm so fortunate to have friends with interesting lives and collections! These shaving brushes belong to gentleman who collects all manner of gentlemanly implements and barber-y accoutrements. Dozens of talc bottles, shaving mugs, brushes and straight razors.

​And did you know the preferred brushes are made with badger hair? Like the one on the left. Horsehair was a rough substitute...and it was sometimes dyed to make the striped effect of badger!

That's pretty much the sum total of my knowledge of shaving brushes but bearing that in mind, the title of this painting comes from the fact that the budding brush offspring, front and center, seems to get his "hair" from the parent on the right and his "neck" from the one on the left. It's clearly All in the Family!

©2019 Dorothy Lorenze

Family Resemblance

9 x 6" oil on board