Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

Plum Line

8" x 16" oil on linen

currently on loan

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I just love the colors in this composition. All those subtle neutrals punctuated by plum! It all started with the spatterware bucket that has a bit of a striated pattern. And the striations are echoed by the stripes of the tea towel. It doesn't hurt that the tea towel is grey and ivory stripes with creamy yellow - the same colors as my studio.

I almost called this painting "Plums in the Desert". I happened to be listening to the HBO series Big Love, about Mormon and fundamentalist groups while working on this painting. That just lead me to think about crossing the desert. (I also titled another painting "The Book of Mango" under the influence of Big Love). But "Plums in the Desert" seems a bit obscure so I turned to my Facebook community and a friend suggested "Plum Line" and it touched me. I know that the first time I became aware of that term was when my Dad was building a dormer on our house and my sisters and I were enlisted to "help".

(I was 11 when I learned to snap a plum line.)

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