Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

This painting began as an opportunity to examine painting brass which is a fairly difficult task for several reasons. It's difficult to deepen any version of yellow without it becoming too green or too orange since the choices to darken yellow are to add either black (which transitions through green) or brown (which tends toward orange).

Since the bell reminds me of a school bell it was only natural to add the apple, slate and book to complete the story. And the red of the apple is a complimentary color that tones down the greenishness of the dark side of the brass bell. Perfect!

​Fun fact: I was contacted by British author, Shane Brown, about using my painting on the cover of his latest novel, The School Bell. Perfect fit, I'd say. So now, I suppose, I'm officially (or maybe just technically) a book illustrator! 

If you're curious how this permission works, as an artist, I can license usage of the image of a painting for a specific use while still retaining ownership and copyright for the artwork itself. And it was lovely doing business with this delightful gentleman.

©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

First Bell

12" x 12" oil on panel


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