Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

Mechanical Staccato & Scotch

11" x 14" oil on linen


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Mechanical Staccato & Scotch, was commissioned by a friend whose family business was typewriter sales and repairs back in the day.

This oil on linen, representational painting depicts an elegant vintage typewriter from the 1920s which is part of this friends vintage typewriter collection.

The title is taken from a Hemingway poem wherein he extols his appreciation for the "mechanical staccato" of his beloved typewriter. I can imagine that when he is "in the zone" writing, it's comforting as well as empowering to hear that tap-clicking. Since Hemingway was in the air, a glass of scotch fit in perfectly!

I am pleased to say that this painting was accepted to the American Women Artists exhibit and thrilled to learn it received the Outstanding Still Life Award!

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