Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

There’s a nostalgic warmth to everyday things. In my travels to "exotic markets" (farmers and flea) I find items that intrigue me because of their shape, luminosity or capacity for reflection … or maybe they just remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen. There have certainly been canning jars in my past. What’s better – the distortion of light through a glass jar or the recollection of the warm sweet smell that it evokes? Depends on the day, but both are wonderful!

Rendering translucency, reflection and texture in still life is what makes me smile! Ordinary, everyday objects seem to have stories to tell and there are beautiful moments of unexpected color and reflection to discover. Still life offers a great variety of subjects, surfaces and luminosity. So many objects to paint! Endless combinations of color and texture!

My years as a graphic artist allowed me to creatively communicate meaningful ideas and I have enjoyed that work thoroughly. Now with painting, communication involves a personal interpretation of relationships within the composition: light, color, form and atmosphere. And the viewer is invited to participate!

Mandarin orange still life with chinese ginger jar

Baby Red Onions ©2020 Dorothy Lorenze

artist's statement

Over the years, drawing has been important to me, providing a strong basis for observation and careful rendering. Now, as an oil painter, I enjoy combining the subtlety and sensitivity of drawing with the richness and vibrancy of oil paint. Honoring traditional realism, my paintings focus on the interplay of light, texture and form to describe favorite antiques and ordinary objects... with an occasional sprinkling of humor. 


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"Draw your pleasure, paint your pleasure, express your pleasure strongly"

- Pierre Bonnard