Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

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Alien Vegans

11x14" oil on board


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©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

What can I say? These funky veggies showed up on my radar at the farmers market while I had an art exhibit at Muscoot Farm Gallery. I should have been selling paintings... but I snuck out to peruse local produce - looking for models!

I have never before seen a white pattypan squash and actually have never seen one since, so I'm glad I scooped it up. And the purple kohlrabi? Well that's something I had been thinking about for some time. What a colorful squirrely vegetable! Don't ask me what it tastes like because it was old, wilted and brown by the time the painting was complete.

The veggies were challenging enough but the box they sit on had more detail than I realized. And it ended up looking sort of like a garden launching pad! So honestly: Alien Vegans. What else could you call this pair?

It seems like a minor feature but Im so pleased with the latch on the box.