Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

Zsa Zsa Reigns

16 x 20" oil on board

On exhibit at Hudson Valley Art Association national juried exhibit until July 31

Zsa Zsa came to model at a local art center wearing this glowing scarlet chiffon gown and looking oh, so regal! Then Todd Casey put a fabric panel behind her and the scene combination took my breath away.

There was only time to do a small study live so this painting was done from a photo, which is not something I normally do and created some challenges, but I'm happy with the result.

​The title Zsa Zsa Reigns reflects my sense that she looks like she is viewing her "people" in a grand and in charge manner. I hope you agree!

If you are interested in this painting please email for more information as it will be on exhibit in Lyme CT until July 31.