Dorothy Lorenze

original oil paintings

©2015 Dorothy Lorenze

Salmagundi CLub of New York

Certificate of Merit

typewriter, original painting, trompe l'oeil art

American WOmen Artists

OUtstanding Still Life Award

Salmagundi CLub of New York

1ST VIce President's Award

This is Mechanical Staccato & Scotch, oil on linen, representational painting of an elegant vintage typewriter from the 1920s. The title is taken from a Hemingway poem wherein he extols his appreciation for the "mechanical staccato" of his beloved typewriter. I can imagine that when he is "in the zone" writing, it's comforting as well as empowering to hear that tap-clicking. Since Hemingway was in the air, a glass of scotch fit in perfectly! I was very happy that this painting was accepted to the AWA show... and thrilled to learn it received the Outstanding Still Life Award!

"East Meets West" received the second highest prize at New Member Show at the  prestigious Salmagundi Art Club of New York. What an honor!

You can read more about what is behind this painting here.

©2015 Dorothy Lorenze

Kent Art Association President Show

Spencer Nichols Award for Oil

©2015 Dorothy Lorenze

©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

"Who Knows Where the Time Goes" casts a glance back on ancestors including a classic baby shoe, photo of the original wearer, a friends great grandfather. The hour glass is standing by to mark the passage of time. I'm honored that this painting was recognized at the President's Show.

©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

"Sitting Pretty" was my first piece accepted at a show at the prestigious, historic Salmagundi Art Club of New York. I was thrilled to receive a Certificate of Merit at the Thumb Box Show, one of the most successful show and sales at Salmagundi each year.

And, my painting Morning List at Seven Hearths was sold!

©2016 Dorothy Lorenze

International Juried

Trompe L'oeil Exhibit

I'm honored that my painting Vintage Sleigh Bells was exhibited atthe John Peto Museum in the prestigious International Trompe L'oeil Exhibit featuring trompe l'oeil artwork Spring & Summer 2016. For more about Trompe L'oeil read my  blog post ( and for 2x monthly art news you can sign up here)

John Peto Museum & Studio

Island Heights, NJ

Saturdays & Sundays ~ May 14-Sept 5, 2016

trompe l'oeil art, sleigh bells, vintage
colonial interior, historic home, window light

Award of Excellence

Awarded to "Morning Light at Seven Hearths" at Kent Art Association's Member Show Spring 2015

vintage, tin lunch box, trompe l'oeil art

Morales Award for oil or pastel still life

BY Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Arts Club

Awarded to "Back to School, Back in the Day"

by the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Arts Club at the National Arts Club, New York, Fall 2014.